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Graphic Design from Home

Why it’s Important to Invest in Your Space

Whether it is your hobby or your job, graphic design and other computerized artwork is a great way to explore your creative and technical capabilities. Many people freelance graphic design work from their home, where they can work their own flexible schedule from the convenience of a personal office space.

One thing that’s important if you are working from your house is to make sure you have top notch equipment. Even if you are the only person designing, printing, copying, and scanning, the high volume of work may require industrial equipment. Without the overhead of paying for an office, this will be the main investment in your business.

creative home officeIf you are looking for a printer, scanner, computer, or copier in Richmond VA, it is vitally important to do your research online. In your line of work, which brands get the highest reviews? Canon has a wide selection of printers with varying levels of speed and quality. For instance, the image PROFRAF iPF610 can produce vibrant full-bleed posters and more. The equipment you choose for your office, of course, will depend largely on the exact type of work you are producing. If you specialize in brochures, you may need a different printer than if you are working with larger pieces.

Aside from technical equipment, it’s important to decorate your office and give yourself all of the shelving and desk space necessary. In a job that’s so focused on printing, your office can become a pile of drafts and portfolio work. Having an organized system is essential to finding and filing all of your work to keep you productive and focused. A comfortable chair is also a great way to make sure you stay relaxed for your best creative work. A computer-based job also means that you will spend a good amount of time hunched over, staring at the details in your screen. Long periods of these activities can cause back and neck strain without the proper seating.

Investing in a great office space is key to having great results! Did you know that some colors can affect the way you work? Incorporate the colors that inspire you to work best in your office. With a beautiful area that is stocked with the best equipment, you are setting yourself up for success.

How to Safely Change an Electrical Breaker

This tutorial will work for both single-pull and double-pull breakers. The tools needed for this project will be a standard flat head screw driver, a sniffer/stick-tester, and a digital volt meter.

If you are not experienced enough to complete this process on your own, call a professional electrician like Mr. Electric of Tacoma to do the job for you. Electrical work has real risks and you assume your own liability when using this tutorial.

The first step in this process is to remove the screws from the panel cover. You can do this in any order you wish, just be careful as you remove the screws as some wires have a tendency to sit up against the screws, and you don’t want to screw through the insulation causing a dead short. Once the last screw has been removed, gently pull the cover away from the panel and set it off to the side. Now turn the breaker off that you are going to change out and use the stick-test to test each wire coming off of that breaker. If you don’t hear it beeping, that means the power has been shut off to that particular breaker.Breaker Panel

Next take your flat head screw driver and place it on the breaker terminals. You will want to turn in a counter-clockwise position to loosen the terminals on that breaker. Once the screws have been loosened, gently pull the wires out from the breaker terminals. Next, take your thumb and place it on the thumb of the breaker handle. Push it hard to the outside of the handle and the breaker will pop right out.

Now you are ready to install the new breaker. Line the new breaker and line it up with the clips on the side of the main bus bar. With two fingers on the top of the breaker, push down firmly so that it will slide down over the main bus. Push on the breaker handle to the outside to ensure it is in the off position. Take each wire and place it back underneath each terminal screw on the breaker. Using your flat head, turn the screws back in a clockwise position. If this is a double-pull breaker, repeat this process with the second wire.

With your fingers, gently tug on each wire to ensure that it will not slip out from the terminals. Finally, turn your breaker back on. User the sniffer or stick-tester and place it against the casing of each wire. It should beep, telling you that there is indeed electricity flowing through the wires. Reinstall the panel cover and you’re done.

Negotiating at a Car Dealership

What to Say to the Salesperson

Vehicles are a big expense in people’s lives. When going in to buy a new or used car, it is important to go prepared. Know what you are looking for in your car and make sure that you ask the right questions. Read the following suggestions before going to a car dealership in Richmond VA to negotiate.

First of all, make sure you go in with the correct mindset to feel in control of your purchase. Remember that if the salesperson loses the sale, they lost a couple thousand dollars for the day. You, however, can walk away and find another similar car for a similar price. Also, remember that the three thousand dollars you may give up in negotiation will take a long time to make working.

used carNext, make sure you have done your research about the car and similar vehicles. Making comparisons in front of the salesperson and listing off different features you are looking for will make it look like you know what you are talking about. And you should! This means the salesperson will be less likely to try and manipulate you.

When communicating, make sure you are pleasant while being stern enough to let them know you won’t come back once you walk away. Also, cautiously show interest in the car. Make concerned facial expressions and let the salesperson know you are truly engaged. Ask questions and act as if you are emotionally invested. Then, find a flaw and change to acting disappointed. This is a fast way to begin to knock off some money.

Now it’s time for the final negotiation. Ask the right questions to throw them off. Begin by looking them in the eye and saying “What is the best price you can offer for this car?” Even if they deflect the question and ask you another question, repeat yourself. Then, look disappointed and say they will have to come up with something better. Be prepared to walk away if they cannot. You could also tell them that you are going to have to think about it, because they are determined to make the sale as soon as possible.

Don’t be intimidated or let people push you around with their techniques. You can also look online to see how other people negotiated their deals with cars.

Speaker Obsessions

Subwoofers and Your Car or Home

What is a subwoofer? It is a dedicated base speaker that can be added to any system.

Subwoofers come in all different colors, shapes, sizes, and design configurations. It can be overwhelming picking the best option for your home or your car, especially if you don’t know how subwoofers work. Some people love shopping around, installing, and testing out different speakers. Others would rather have someone tell them what will work best in their vehicle or home. Companies such as Super Crew Sound sort the recommended speaker by the type of vehicle you would like to put it in. This makes it easy to pick out the best component.

Here are some examples of different sub woofers:

1)      An Acoustic suspension subwoofer is a large sealed box. It has the least amount of bass distortion but a large box to produce high volume.subwoofer enclosure

2)      A ported woofer design is the same woofer output as the acoustic suspension. However, it is in a smaller enclosure which may be a better fit for a smaller vehicle.

3)      A passive radiator design is a sealed box with a woofer on the front and radiator on the sides. This provides the most bass output for a small enclosure.

After picking out which kind of subwoofer you would like, you can use controls on the back to make necessary adjustments. Before making a purchase, make sure that your speaker will hook up to the correct device by looking at the connections.

If you are buying subwoofers for your home, take the size of your room into account. For instance, either purchase one large speaker for the room or 2 small ones that provide the same volume. Typically, the larger the speaker, the higher the volume.

Plumbing Tips – How to Solder Copper Pipe

This is a tutorial on how to solder a copper pipe for any plumbing job. This job will involve an open flame and real risk to anyone who isn’t a trained plumber or skilled with a solder torch or iron. Proceed at your own risk or call a professional plumber to repair pipes for you. That being said, lets jump right into the tutorial so you can have functioning plumbing again in no time! To make this easy on yourself, you’ll need a few tools before you get going.

Pipe Cleaner.Kupferfittings

Flux Brush.

Roll of solder (Led free for potable water).

Tub of flux.

Wet Cloth.

Heat mat.

Soldering Torch.

First use your pipe cleaner to clean the pipe. Next use your flux brush to apply flux to the clean areas of the pipe and put together the joint that you intend to solder. Unwind a long enough piece of solder that allows your hands to stay a safe distance from the solder torch. Light the gas torch and adjust the heat to a medium setting. Apply heat evenly over the entire fitting. After a few seconds you should be able to tap the solder on the pipe and it will melt into the fitting. Apply enough solder to ensure a water tight seal all the way around the copper pipe.

Boys Who Shop

Shopping for the Perfect Ring


If you are a boy who loves shopping, then the pressure is on to find the perfect engagement ring for your future wife.

If you aren’t marrying your typical girl, you don’t want to buy her your everyday engagement ring! Luckily, rings come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes in whatever quality you can afford. The best part is, you don’t have to know about cut, color, clarity, and carats if you are looking for something truly unique. Instead, you can focus on which ring looks the most like your potential wife and describes her personality.

Let’s take a look at a couple of rings that stand out in the crowd.

engagement ring with emerald  The first one incorporates an emerald into the design. You could have a birth stone, or simply a stone that is a color you think she would love. For example, some engagement rings include a ruby to demonstrate passion. This emerald ring could describe a girl who is a bold and likes to stand out from others. The unusual stone adds a stunning touch.

modern engagement ringThis simple yet modern ring is perfect for someone who is classic, chic, and has an elegant sense of style. This would be great for a girl who loves the beach because the band looks like a wave. The clean cut piece matches flawlessly with any outfit and any occasion. The ring is fit for the type of girl who has an individual flare without being showy or flashy.

sunburst engagement ringFinally, this sophisticated ring really pops. Because it looks like a sunburst, it would be perfect for a girl with a big personality who lights up a room. Although this large diamond is a little bit on the expensive side, it is the perfect vintage piece that your future wife will treasure for the rest of her life.

Use these engagement rings as inspiration to find something tailored to her personality. There are plenty more different styles out there for you to choose from. Not sure if she will love your bold pick? Ask one of her friends or sisters to come see the ring with you. They can confirm that it will compliment her character. Just remember, some girls would prefer a classic ring. These are meant for someone who is not afraid to stand apart from the crowd and shine.